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Our Southeast Portland Studio

Our studio opened in January 2012 with a vision to support women and families moving together.

studio mamalates (formerly pod + kin)
3825 SE Belmont
Portland, OR 97214
tel. 503-577-9702




We offer prenatal exercise classes to postpartum birth recovery workshops from Portland's most experienced instructors. Including: the Mamalates method  Yoga ContinuumABC Doula, PDXHypnobirthing, support groups and MORE!

Drop-in or register for a specialty workshop, though individual instructors.

With a variety of instructors, events and prenatal yoga and pregnancy Pilates based classes, our studio in Portland,OR is a place where you can cultivate family movement, gain parenting techniques and receive valuable resources and tips.


Studio Classes

Yoga continuum

Prenatal, postpartum and Family/kids Yoga  in Southeast Portland with Claudia Streng

(503) 236-2458

Prenatal and Postpartum yoga for Portland Mamas. .This gentle yoga class is tailored to your specific needs during this amazing time of transformation and expansion. Poses help alleviate the common discomforts of pregnancy, and holistic childbirth information is woven in throughout the class. Nourish your body, connect with your baby and create community with other expectant and postpartum mamas.


ABC Doula Service

Baby care classes, specialty workshops, by Kimberly Bepler | | (503) 381-6064

Postpartum doula support, specializing in twins and baby care workshops. After Baby Comes Doula Service is a team of postpartum doulas in Portland Oregon offering in-home postpartum care to families with newborns. The ABC Story began in 2000; since then, ABC Doula Service has provided professional postpartum assistance to more than 800 families in the Portland, Oregon metro area, with more happy families being added every day!

Innerspring HypnoTherapy and HypnoBirthing

Prenatal hypnobirthing class series, by Kristen Olberz, RN, CH, HBCE, HBFT |

Hypnobirthing classes and workhops. We believe that when a mother is prepared physically, mentally and emotionally, she can experience birth in a calm, joyful and much more comfortable manner. This class teaches relaxation and breathing techniques and focuses on the bond shared by a mother, her birthing partner and their baby. Strongly consider signing up around 24-28 weeks of your pregnancy.

Dana Larson

Prenatal mamalates classes, by Dana Larson | 503-459-9585

I work enthusiastically with people of all levels, ages, and genders using mat Pilates to help meet personal goals of overall fitness, injury prevention and recovery, and well-being. I specialize in prenatal and postpartum Pilates with training in the Mamalates method.

Baby Blues Connection

New mom support group | | 866-616-3752

Our New Moms groups are designed to help pregnant women and women with children under the age of 1 year. We focus on techniques to handle new mama adjustment stress, including depression, anxiety and birth trauma. You may bring your infant with you to group sessions, and breastfeeding is welcomed. Meet Fridays 1-2:30 at studio mamalates.