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Do you remember the first time that you flew with your little one? Or maybe baby’s first flight is right around the corner? There’s the usual packing and hustle to the airport, plus the experience of bringing along a baby or toddler (and all of the extra stuff!)

I’ve found that three to six month olds are typically the easiest to travel with. These little ones are happy to be held and chances are that the hum of the engine will lull them to sleep. But, we can't all be so fortunate as to have quiet, sleeping babes, so enjoy these tips to make your holiday travel less painful for you and more enjoyable for your littles.

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Get the wiggles out before you board

Nothing is more difficult than a tot who gets antsy the minute the fasten seatbelt sign turns on. To help prevent this, get your little out of the stroller before the flight and have them walk or waddle all the way to the gate. Allow extra time at the airport to get their wiggles out before they’re expected to sit still. Some airports even offer indoor play zones for babies and toddlers.

Take care of those diapers

Smells travel on airplanes- fast! So be sure to change diapers just before boarding. Depending on your flight, you’ll likely have to try out the changing table on the plane at least once, but at least your little one will start out dry and comfortable.

Bring along suction cup toys

You know those suction cup toys that attach to the high chair? Babies love them. Bring a couple, attach them to the tray table in front of you, and your babe will be amused for at least 10 minutes. The guy sitting in front of you shouldn't mind. Hey, it’s better than a screaming kid!

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Pack snacks separately

If you have a snacking tot, don't let the snacks sink to the bottom of the bag. Feeling around for goldfish under your seat, with a kiddo on your lap, is no fun. Pack snacks in small bags that you can easily grab and stash some food in your pockets too.

Bring a change of clothes... for yourself

We all know to bring extra clothes for the kids, but don’t forget yourself! At least bring an extra shirt. You don’t want to appear before the MIL wearing the 3 P's: puke, poop and pretzel dust. Enough said.

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Always be prepared

Blame it on Murphy’s Law- if you forget the medicine, the kids will get sick. My best advice is to wash hands often and always be prepared. For little ones, I recommend traveling with a fever reducer and a nose sucker. You don’t want to fly with a sick kiddo, but at least you’re prepared if something comes up during the flight.

You also never know when you may run into a delay at the airport. Depending on the length of your trip, make sure to bring enough diapers, baby food, and snacks to last at least an extra day.

Have fun!

And last but not least, remember to have fun! Even if the going gets rough, at least you'll have some funny stories to share with your family and friends after the plane lands.

Wendy Foster is a mom of two boys and often travels from Oregon to California visit family.


Photos credit Eternal*Voyageur, Step 2, donnierayjones, toosuto via Flickr.