Contributing to a healthy lifestyle blog: Fit and Awesome March 16 2015, 0 Comments


Fit and Awesome, a healthy lifestyle blog, recently invited me to become a contributor to the site. The blog’s founder, Lindsay, shares healthy recipes (like these homemade paleo protein bars), fitness articles, posts on life with her new little girl, and much more. I’m looking forward to contributing my expertise from a perinatal fitness and birth recovery perspective.

Lindsay and I have been talking since about the time her little girl, Josie, was born. So I was excited when the opportunity came up to share a few mamalates birth recovery tips on her blog.

I’ve found that most moms are told what NOT to do after giving birth and they’re often left with vague, unhelpful details about their physical recovery. In the post, I share Seven Essential Birth Recovery Tips focusing on what moms SHOULD do postpartum, including the benefits of specific stretches, breathing techniques, and proper biomechanics for lifting and holding baby.

Click over to the full article for seven steps to take within the first six weeks postpartum to help reclaim your core and begin feeling fit and awesome! Keep an eye out for more mamalates content on Fit and Awesome in the coming weeks.


Wendy Foster is the creator of mamalates and the master trainer for all mamalates licensing programs. An internationally certified Pilates instructor, pre/post fitness specialist, and birth recovery expert, Wendy has been teaching Pilates since 1999 and practicing yoga for nearly two decades. She owns a studio in Southeast Portland, OR. Contact her at or visit

Top photo: Lindsay's little girl, Josie / Credit: Fit and Awesome