Spotlight on International Cesarean Awareness Network April 14 2015, 0 Comments

In honor of April's International Cesarean Awareness Month, we’d like to highlight an incredible resource, the nonprofit International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN). ICAN works to prevent unnecessary Cesareans through education, provide support for Cesarean recovery, and promote Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC).

My first baby was an emergency C-section and my second was a successful VBAC. So naturally I’m incredibly supportive of ICAN and their mission to help mamas. Read on for a chat with LaQuitha Glass, ICAN President, who joined ICAN in 2012 when she started a chapter after the birth of her second daughter.

Tell us a little about the International Cesarean Awareness Network.

LG: As an organization, ICAN provides support groups in various cities, who offer real-time support to mothers who are preparing for or recovering from Cesareans, mothers who are planning for a VBAC attempt, first-time mothers who are seeking information on how to avoid common pitfalls within the U.S. maternity care system, and mothers who are facing opposition in hostile birthing environments.

What is one success that ICAN has recently celebrated?

LG: We recently celebrated the release of the film 'Trial of Labor,' a project that we have been in support of for the past five years. Released by Elliot Berlin and Rob Humphreys, this film follows four women as their journey to a VBAC attempt is documented. We were proud endorsers of this film as we feel that it gives a voice to a part of the wide spectrum of experiences that we tend to encounter.

What is one of ICAN's big initiatives for this year?

LG: One initiative that we have is the implementation of ICAN Educators, who are specially trained volunteers who will go out into the community to teach classes on VBAC and Cesarean options.

What is your best piece of advice for new moms?

LG: No matter what your choices for birth or parenting, it is so important to surround yourself with people who understand, respect, and support your choices. In this digital and social media age, it is easy to find people online, but having real life support is invaluable. If you cannot find any real life support, try to be that support for the next person that comes along searching for a shoulder upon which to lean.

How can our readers help support ICAN?

LG: Connect and share! You can connect with our organization by attending a local meeting in your area or by joining as a personal or professional member. If you are unable to join or attend a meeting locally, please share us as a resource with the mothers in your community who may benefit from our services. Our website can be found at

In honor of April’s International Cesarean Awareness month, mamalates is donating 5% of sales from the mamalates Cesarean Survival Kit to ICAN. The Cesarean Survival Kit provides new moms with instruction on safe, restorative movement, while addressing postpartum pain syndrome. The props and info help relieve low back pain, release scar tissue, and support safe healing.

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