Binding and Splinting for Birth Recovery January 30 2013, 0 Comments

Ideally, all women would leave the hospital with a binder or splint from their OB/GYN or nurse. Did you receive one?

Most cultures do wrap for support a week or so after the baby arrives—this helps support the back, prevent compression in the spine and pull the belly in—especially if you are experiencing diastasis recti (abdominal separation). It can also lift your organs up off your pelvic floor.

In fact, we used to wear corsets and even girdles up until the 1970s!

If you are an avid baby wearer, it is very important to carry and lift with proper biomechanics, and an abdominal binder can help with this as well.

The abdominal binder we sell is "industrial" strength and will help to keep the connective tissue connected while you lift and carry your new baby.

We've seen the best results when incorporating mamalates restorative abdominal exercises while wearing the abdominal binder throughout the day!