Transitions and the Birth of a Business August 09 2013, 0 Comments

Transitions and the birth of a business.

Phew! This website has been a few months in the making and we are finally ready to launch,  making a few minor tweaks as we wrap it up. Thank you to Elisabeth of invisible ink freelance  for  all your hard work and collaboration on this project.

Since my first son was born over 9 years ago, I have tackled a just a few big work projects and whether  a loooong labor or a short push, it always feels like giving birth all over again. 

First,There was the transition of a full time studio owner to full time mom/ part time studio owner (How is that going to happen?).

Once I resurfaced, there was the mom and baby postpartum workout DVD that we filmed in a weekend and then spent one year editing- now THAT felt like the birth of a child. The build up (production), sliding up and down the creative canal (the editing) then a big push out (designing and manufacturing) to wrapping up the little bundle in a birth recovery kit!

Then, between the juggling of raising kids, being available for my husband, finding time for exercise, friends and self-care, (oh, and teaching pre/post classes all over Portland and selling essential birth recovery products) it felt like lots of shorter labors with a couple of relatively easy pushes.

The next big birth was the mama makeover, a non-profit event that we created to support moms and raise awareness about the birth recovery process. Two years up until midnight, tweaking and refining.

Long transition. Hard labor. BIG baby.

Then the pause while still moving (what just happened?).


I was starting to get the hang of this "birth of a project thing" (or at least familiar with it!) and decided to get a little more intentional, realizing that pauses  and "rest days" were necessary as I was in "this parenting thing" for the long haul and my boys were my #1 priority.

Although opening up a movement studio in SE Portland would seem like another long labor/big baby I stuck with my intentions to create a space and welcome other birth professionals and experts to teach, mindful of not increasing my own class load.

Short transition. Small baby. Good sleeper.

Working with so many moms and hearing their stories, I realized there must be women all over the country (world?) with these same birth recovery needs that lacked all the amazing prenatal and postpartum classes and workshops that Portland offered. The birth recovery movement had begun locally, now we needed to get the word OUT. Solution? An online site that provides tips, tools and resources for women and their postpartum recovery- was born!

Easy conception."Average" transition. Short labor. Eight pound baby.


 Wendy Foster is  a certified Pilates instructor, pre/post fitness specialist and birth recovery expert. She is the creator of the mamalates restorative birth recovery method. She is the mother of 2 boys, having had a c-section and a VBAC. She an outdoor enthusiast and currently obsessed with sensory processing disorder in infants and children and the lack of physical movement in our public schools.

She can be contacted at