5 Favorite Pilates Hacks November 02 2016, 2 Comments

This past weekend I spent 4 days promoting my mamalates birth recovery training and licensing for Pilates professionals at the annual  Pilates Method Alliance Conference in Arizona.

 The sun was shinning HOT but we managed to find some shade as we assembled our booth, met other exhibitors and networked with fellow Pilates instructors from around the world. I loved meeting folks from Japan, Korea, Mexico and all over the USA. I also enjoyed meeting and connecting with other enthusiastic exhibitors; seeing their creations, bouncing ideas off one another, and hearing their stories.

It was exciting to check out all the new Pilates gear and manufacturers. The industry has grown since I started teaching over 16 years ago, and now instructors and studios are able to make a living working with special populations such as Pilates for Youth, Golf and Menopause. Awesome! 

I thought I'd highlight my 5 favorite businesses that I connected with throughout the weekend. Their inventions are sure to make your Pilates world more efficient + unique to YOU! Check 'em out (especially if you own a studio) and let me know what you think.


The Knot out is very likely my most favorite product that I have seen in a while. I am always on the lookout for  new and unique rolling and release gizmos and have tried a variety of sizes, shapes and weights. Certain diameters dig in deep and others are softer/more on the surface. This company manufactures 2 different densities to help you get into the goods in 6 different sizes. They are compact, can be used against the wall or the floor and will DEFINITELY be traveling with me over the holidays!




Good Citizen LA the original luxe Pilates loop is a fantastic concept that the attendees seem to scoop right up at the conference. If you have participated in a Pilates reformer workout then you are familiar with the straps that attach to the springs, usually used for legwork. Good Citizen suggest that you purchase your OWN loops to bring to class (color of your choice) + wash at your leisure. They come in a variety of single/double loops and look very durable. Sell these at your studio, in your boutique or on line. BONUS: This company manufactures their product in LA and distributes internationally.




 8th Avenue Rail is such a great, efficient concept for a home or business studio! A beautiful maple and stainless steel hanging and organizing system for your Pilates springs. It's easy to install +  attaches directly to the wall and are. Did I mention that they are handmade in NJ? The couple that is behind this creation thought of everything- they even notched out the top so that wooden dowels can rest across the unit providing an even more clutter free workout environment.


WAGS Wrist  Gloves were developed by an OT after she realized that certain yoga poses were aggravating her wrists and arms. They have a gel pad inserted near the palm, can be purchased with or without a wrist strap and come in different gel densities. These would be great for postpartum carpal tunnel and tendinitis. I could see them being used to alleviate pressure during yoga/pilates, pushing a stroller/jogger or even riding a bike. They are super comfortable and WARM!


Pilates Pal is an online resource for Pilates Professionals and students. Find classes / instructors, professional trainings and even used equipment. The mostly micro and small businesses listed also offer clothing, accessories and links to online videos-looks like everything you need under one roof. I met the folks behind this business and they seem very thorough indeed!  A great resource for the community.