Optimal Nutrition During Pregnancy November 15 2016, 0 Comments

Did you hear that the WHO now recommends pregnant women receive at least 8 visits with their healthcare provider during pregnancy? That is double the amount of visits that they have suggested in the past. The WHO revised its recommendation to ensure babies have everything they need to thrive and that the mama-to-be remains healthy. 

How else can mama and baby remain healthy and reduce stress during pregnancy? Well, apple cider vinegar for heartburn, plenty of water and more, of course. Rachel, our Nutritional Therapist put her essentials together for mamalates-Read on!

Good nutrition in pregnacy is so very important during this most amazing time for you and baby. We need to EAT when we’re pregnant, and sometimes that can be diffiuclt due to hormone shifts, morning sickness and our crazy daily lives. When I say we need to EAT, I mean we need to EAT WELL and eating well includes; eating nutrient dense whole foods from good food sources. We shouldn’t be overeating, or consuming highly processed, high calorie, and empty nutrient foods. A woman’s pregnant body needs MORE of everything, calories, protein, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals as well as rest and exercise.

One of the common nutrient we forget is H20. Hydration is essential for everyone, and especially when pregnant. It helps the formation of amniotic fluid, and helps you flush toxins to protect your baby. Drink up!
Protein is the building blocks of our bodies and so essential for you and the developing baby.
Eat protein:
Organic grass-fed meats
Organic poultry
Organic dairy
Low-mercury wild-caught fish

Healthy fat is essential for brain growth in the developing fetus, and are the building blocks to cells and hormones. Cholesterol is fundamental for brain function for both you and the boby. Eat your EGGS!
Eat healthy fat:
Coconut oil
Olive oil (low heat cooking only)
Grass-fed butter
Avocado oil
Fatty fish omega 3s (wild-caught low-mercury salmon)

Here’s my Nutty Fat Bomb recipe to add some yummy healthy fats into your diet.

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables daily to get all those wonderful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals we so need during pregnancy. Eat a rainbow everyday! Eat them raw, steamed and roasted. Eat fresh fresh fruit too! Join a local CSA to get local fresh veggies.

We really need to fill our plates with appropriate macronutrient ratios; protein 30% - healthy fat 30% - complex carbohydrates 40%.

Appropriate macronutrient ratios and eating a nutrient dense diet keeps us satisfied. This provides our body with what it needs stay healthy, energized and grow that beautiful baby. Remember we are all bio-individuals so sometimes we may need a few more carbs or a bit more fat to feel satisfied. That’s ok, remember to listen to your body’s needs. Think of it this way, carbohydrates are the kindling. Protein and fat are the long burning logs. So if we fill up on carbohydrates then we will constantly be hungry, tired and not satisifed. But throw in some fat or protein and we will stay satisfied longer. Here’s a great visual to remind you how those macronutrient ratios look like on your plate.


Eat probiotic foods to support your digestion and immune health. Try whole milk yogurt, kefir, fermented vegetables and sauerkraut to name a few.
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.

"If you feel bloated, have heartburn,or indigestion try a couple tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar mixed in water. It can really relieve those uncomfortable symptoms."

You can also give your digestive system a kick start about 15 minutes prior to eating, take 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar with water. This can support all those wonderful nutrient dense foods you’re feeding you and baby are properly digested for optimal nutrient absorption!

Any Chemically processed oil (i.e.vegetable, canola and soy)
Hydrogenated oils/trans fat
High fructose corn syrup/refined sugars
Processed foods
Farmed fish

Enjoy this precious time growing your baby. And remember to make time for plenty of self care.
Be well,
Rachel Gustafson, BS, NTP
Soulpolish Nutrition