Abdominal Binder for Diastasis Recti w/ Birth Recovery DVD


"The mamalates  essential binder is leaps and bounds better than the other one that I bought- I love it!"  -W.R

Binding and splinting postpartum has been practiced around the world for hundred's of years. Support your back, encourage your abdominal muscles to "weave" back together and stay lifted as you carry, wear and care for your new little one. The postpartum abdominal binding is especially beneficial if you are experiencing diastasis recti or pelvic floor issues. Encourage your abdominal muscles to come back together ( and help lose the pooch) by performing mamalates restorative abdominal exercises and wearing this abdominal binder throughout the day. If your abdominal's are separated, wearing the binder without performing restorative exercises is not recommended. The mamalates flash card  that include tips on birth recovery, c-section, pelvic floor exercises and abdominal separation DO'S  + DONT'S, is  included with the purchase of this abdominal binder. All Diastasis Recti Essential BINDERS NOW COME WITH A MAMALATES Birth Recovery/ Safe Postpartum  Core Exercises DVD! Insurance may reimburse you for birth recovery related products. Hand wash in cold water.

Why we like this splint:

  • Industrial strength
  • Has stays on the sides to promote lifting and discourage lumbar compression
  • Is approx. 6-8 inches in height
  • Is easy to wear while nursing/ feeding
  • Can be worn discreetly/ easily if returning to work

Please size for CURRENT postpartum SIZE or approx. size during 6-7 month of pregnancy. If in between sizes, we recommend the smaller size.

Size is determined by loosely measuring the circumference below the waist

X-Small 18-24" (46-61 cm)
Small 24-30" (61-75 cm)
Medium 30-36" (75-90 cm)
Large 36-42" (90-105 cm)
X-Large 42-48" (105-120 cm)

XS= 0-4

S=   6-8

M=  10-12

L=   14-16

XL= 18-20


FAQ's about postpartum splinting/ abdominal binding


Q; "How long will it take for my abdominal separation to heal?"

A:  It depends on how separated you are, your tissue and if you are performing restorative exercises along with the splint. Usually, it can take 6-12 weeks. Mayan abdominal massage  can also be beneficial when healing separated abdominal's postpartum.


Q: "I had my baby 2+ years ago- is it too late to get successful results and get my abs to close back up?"

 A: You can get your abdominal separation to heal even years later! It can be a little more challenging if you have been performing rectus abdominal exercises (6 -pack exercises).As with all abdominal separation healing methods, wearing a splint is just a piece of the recovery. Performing restorative exercises, strengthening obliques and hinging instead of rounding forward to pick up should be incorporated into your day.


Q: "How long should I wear the my abdominal binder?"

A: You can wear the splint 24/7 if you are 3 fingers or more separated. The abdominal binder should be worn for at least 60 days and can be taken off during and after meals.


Q: "Should I wear this running and exercising?"

A: YES! Definitely for running + yoga. You can even sleep in it.


Testimonials about this product:

"I noticed a difference in my abdominals within the first week of wearing this splint- my husband even commented on how flat my stomach was getting!"-Terry

" Wearing this binder when I am running really helps keep me lifted and stable"-Mary

"I had purchased a less supportive binder originally. It was too big and not very supported. I tried this one and noticed a difference in my diastasis recti and back pain immediately- I highly recommend it!"- Devora

" Easy to wear under clothes and while back at work."-Dr. Johanna


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