C-section Recovery Survival Kit

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This c-section recovery kit includes everything you need to take charge of your cesarean recovery! You can start using this kit as soon as 2 days postpartum so make sure you have it ready in case baby comes early.

Kit Includes:

  • mamalates essential mom + babe workout DVD
  • medium strength resistance band for chest opening and strengthening
  • mamalates CORE abdominal binder for light support  + c-section recovery

  • foam roller for myofascial release, shoulder stretches and alignment.
  • eco tote

The DVD includes a safe, gentle stretching segment that can be done within the first 6 weeks of recovery- this is the perfect place to start reintroducing yourself to your body. The CORE binder comes in 2 sizes S/M or L/XL and is very comfortable and  adjustable. This is the same binder recommended by hospitals. YOU can even place an ice pack  between your skin and the binder to help with swelling.

The foam roller is essential for c-section recovery mamas! Use it to get out of your shoulders and into your core, hip stretches and self myofascial release. Later,  the foam roller can be used for core strengthening- even your partner will want to use it.

Check out foam roller cesarean recovery exercises here.

Remember, your insurance may reimburse you for any and all birth recovery classes, products and maybe even bodywork.



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