birth recovery kit


How to recover from childbirth? This OB/GYN endorsed essential birth recovery fit kit is the place to start postpartum when you are looking for safe postpartum exercises with (and without) baby.

The fundamental postpartum exercises and stretches on the DVD help new moms connect to their core, strengthen, stretch and restore. Focus is on proper alignment and Pilates based movement. This postpartum birth recovery kit includes:

  • 40 minute mamalates dvd ( safe for diastasis recti)
  • Signature CORE Ball
  • Medium strength resistance band
  • Signature eco tote
  • Pelvic floor exercise flashcard
Safely challenge yourself- DVD postpartum workout is safe for those with abdominal separation ( diastasis recti), offering modifications and variations for a more advanced workout. Can also be used during pregnancy and Makes a great gift!  Combine the foam roller and splint for a COMPLETE Birth Recovery Kit.

Testimonals about this product:

"The mamalates essential birth recovery program has really helped me to gain strength postpartum"- Lisa

"The DVD is fun and easy to follow- my baby LOVES it and so do I"


"I like that the kit has everything I need. My back has been feeling much better since I started this workout."-Rachel

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