c-section recovery with mamalates

Your Post C-section Survival Guide

If you are recovering from a C-section, your needs may be different than those who have birthed vaginally. In this area of our website, you'll find techniques and tips for mom and baby post-cesarean, including:

  • What is safe the first 6 weeks
  • Essential stretches and a safe workout
  • Information on scar tissue repair
  • Healing and Craniosacral treatments for baby
  • VBAC preparation

"I tried Mamalates after the birth of my second child. After two c-sections I was looking for a way to relocate my stomach muscles. Wendy has a great knowledge of how the body works and how it can work after a c-section. She also understands the emotional aspects that go along with having a c-section. I found her to be a joy to work with and, I found those ab muscles!"



Mamalates offers specialty workshops and classes for cesarean recovery, including our birth recovery program COREnection. A portion of the proceeds are dontated to the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN). The focus is on...

  • Scar healing and myofascial release
  • Releasing tense neck sore and sore shoulder
  • Decompressing the hips and pelvis
  • Accessing the deeper abdominal muscles
  • Offering support and resources


Wendy's Story

"After delivering my first child by unplanned cesarean (after a long labor), my body felt foreign.
"I noticed I was using my shoulders and my back to lift my new baby. Because of the scar tissue and general soreness, my abdominals were unfamiliar and I was in pain.
"I started to listen to my body, researching which muscles were tight and where I needed to stretch. I knew that although I was anxious to start walking and get exercise, I needed to open up, lengthen and release before I started to build strength."

After consulting with doctors, numerous physical therapists, fellow Pilates instructors and most importantly, other moms recovering from c-sections, we created our COREnection class to offer support to others in this process.