mamalates method/classes

Prenatal Fitness & Birth Recovery for Mom + Baby

The mamalates method is an OB/GYN endorsed perinatal restorative, Pilates-based exercise method that focuses on alignment, stability and safely reclaiming your core: all while working out with baby!

We offer a home workout with our DVD, private sessions in Portland, Oregon professional training's for fitness and birth professional's and classes  throughout the US.



You just had your baby and want to feel good and strong while Losing your POOCH safely? The mamalates  method has been effectively helping women prepare for and recover from birth for over 10 years.

The main principles of the mamalates method are:

  • Modify your moves now that you are recovering
  • Align. Get your shoulders, ribs and pelvis in the right place
  • Connect to your core deeper than before, and reclaim it
  • Stabilize. There is strength and efficiency in stability

Connect with your baby AND your CORE (and your booty, arms, inner thighs...)

  • Use the foam roller stretch out postpartum pain and accelerate your recovery workout
  • MOVE, ENERGIZE and go deep in this resourceful, fun and informative method
  • Prepare to return to your regular workout routine, work or your next phase of mothering with a stable foundation, modifications, strength and a new body awareness

Our Offerings: PREfit, mom+babe and mamaSculpt


mamalates mom + babe
For best results come 2X week! Bring your baby or come solo. weather you are weeks, months or years postpartum this is the first class you should take after your birth before starting any other fitness program.

Feeling a little stronger? Are your abdominals getting closer to healing up? This is the next level after you have taken some mom + babe classes or private sessions. Focus is more on the mom's but bringing baby is ok. Maybe your kiddos are 8 and 10? Head over after drop off and get in kick your booty shape - safely!

Our Mamalates Instructors:

Wendy Foster, owner

Wendy is the director of Mamalates and the master trainer for all Mamalates certification programs.

She is an internationally certified Pilates Instructor, Pilates Educator and EMT. She has been teaching Pilates since 1999 and practicing yoga for over 18 years.

She has a love for being physical, and has been both a ski instructor and a rock climbing enthusiast.

Wendy has trained Pilates instructors in Oregon, Idaho and Utah and has been a presenter at the OHSU Center for Women’s Health Annual Conference. She has developed specialty workshops for other Pilates professionals including: Pilates and Small Props, Pilates on the Ball and Pilates for Skiers.

Wendy practiced Pilates throughout both of her pregnancies—having an unplanned Cesarean in 2004 and a VBAC in 2006. From her own healing experience through Pilates based movement, she developed the Mamalates Method and has dedicated her practice to working exclusively with prenatal and postpartum women. She enjoys helping other women safely reconnect with a sometimes unfamiliar body during pregnancy and postpartum.

In Pilates classes and private sessions, Wendy integrates a variety of movement techniques to facilitate the physical and emotional journey of pregnancy and postpartum. Her teaching style is dynamic, incorporating yoga poses, mind-body centering techniques, breath work and strength training. She believes that the first step to physical freedom is to develop awareness of holding patterns and areas where your body may be "stuck" or misaligned. Feeling connected and strong in your body will help you be more grounded and present with your family.

Dana Larson

Dana began teaching Pilates in 2010, nearly a decade after discovering its empowering ability to help stabilize low back issues and prevent injury. A Balanced Body University trained instructor, she has a background in both dance and yoga. Dana approaches Pilates with an emphasis on stabilizing movements, positive experience, and a good group dynamic. Truly, she feels Pilates offers something for everyone.

Having recently welcomed her first baby, Dana has participated in both the Mamalates prenatal and postpartum classes and workshops. After recently formalizing her prenatal and postpartum training with Wendy Foster, she is excited to share her wonderful experiences with Pilates during pregnancy and postpartum recovery


What People are Saying about Mamalates

"Wendy Foster's innovative Mamalates Mom+Babe program allows new moms to focus on reorganizing the pelvic floor and abdominals, where muscles are stretched and often injured in both vaginal and cesarean deliveries. This program can not only help prevent future lower back pain, pelvic floor pain, pelvic floor prolapse and incontinence, but allows moms to start feeling back in touch with their bodies without having to give up time with their infants. It should be one of the first exercise programs that all new moms start with, no matter what shape they were in prior to delivery."

Dr. Lara Williams OB/GYN
Every Woman's Health, Portland, OR