Essential Birth Recovery Training for Fitness and Birth Professionals

mamalates OB/GYN ENDORSED workshops, training, and optional licensing for Pilates, Fitness + Birth Professionals

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Birth Recovery Essentials & Foundation Course:  A Pilates Approach


(12 hrs.  some CEU's available)

The mamalates method for birth recovery focuses on fundamental Pilates principles, alignment, stability, and therapeutic exercise. This postpartum Pilates instructor training approach to birth recovery also includes: restorative movement for the first 6 weeks, foam roller techniques, pelvic floor exercises, proper alignment and core support.  It can be a valuable addition to any yoga studio, gym, birth center, or clinic. Many insurance companies are now partially reimbursing for mamalates privates, classes and products. 

These  OB/ GYN and midwife endorsed pre/post Pilates instructor workshops and trainings were created to give birth and fitness professionals the tools needed to guide clients in a safe, effective, birth recovery program that includes everything from prenatal considerations and information on core support postpartum to how to offer a safe postpartum exercise class. The mamalates method helps women recover from birth, while helping professionals expand offerings and improve their bottom line. 


pilates teacher training Join us in learning the OB/GYN-approved mamalates birth recovery method that has worked for hundreds of women over the last decade. These courses are perfect for Pilates instructors looking for advanced training,  doulas, midwives, DCs, MDs, LMTs, yogis, fitness + barre professionals and others who work with pre/postnatal women. Also, great information for childbirth educators who want to learn a few birth recovery essentials to pass on to students and clients.

 What you will learn in the 2 day/ 12 hr.  training:

ESSENTIAL RECOVERY: Pilates based birth recovery tips & foam roller essentials for the first 6 weeks, basic breathing technique for the postpartum time to help relax, ease pain and move ribs. Also, how to properly assess abdominal separation and an exercise to help heal, abdominal binding DO's and DONT's, 3 easy stretches to help heal from a vaginal and cesarean birth, all about insurance reimbursement for birth recovery services.


Also covered:

  • Safe stretches for the first six weeks postpartum
  • Binding: importance and "how to"
  • Proper biomechanics for lifting and holding babies
  • Safe Pilates based exercises + movement for moms w/ diastasis recti
  • Yoga modifications for birth recovery
  • How to help your client discover ideal alignment to ease back pain
  • How to present safe, effective restorative exercises using small props, such as a foam roller, Pilates ball  and resistance bands
  • How to assess for abdominal separation and exercises that can help
  • Cesarean recovery program
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • mamalates mom and baby exercises, handouts, manual, and DVD
  • Current ACOG guidelines for postpartum movement
  • Anatomy of pregnancy
  • Postpartum anatomy and physical challenges
  • Basic mamalates principals, including breathing techniques
  • Essential postpartum stretches for ideal alignment and stability
  • A safe and effective class format for mom and baby
  • Contraindicated movements for new moms
  • Cesarean-specific mat exercise program
  • How to recognize and assist in rehabilitating: diastasis recti, pelvic floor issues, pubic dysfunction
  • Exercise routine that uses resistance bands, small balls, and baby for a reformer-style mat workout
  • Basic business development techniques
  • DVD and training manual, certificate of completion, six months mamalates Professional Instructor network membership
  • Certificate of Completion
CEUs may be available 

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*Becoming a Licensed mamalates professional requires approval after completion of the foundation course and licensing application has been submitted. Please contact for details and pricing. PREREQUISITE: mamalates Foundation Course. Licensing fees/ mamalates instructor network fees for 6 months included in $495 Foundation Course fee. Thereafter, $20/ month. 


  • All Birth Recovery Essentials instruction listed above
  • All Birth Recovery Foundations instruction listed above
  • “Professional Status” listing on with link to your website
  • Birth Recovery Flash Cards for 6 students
  • 20% discount on all mamalates merchandise, including educational materials
  • Commission on sales or wholesale
  • mamalates logo, files, and images for promotion ( after 12 months)
  • Social media partnership
  • Workshops and trainings taught by mamalates founder, Wendy Foster

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