NEW! Complete Birth Recovery Kit w/ Essential Binder + Exercise Videos on Demand


For your Complete Postpartum Birth Recovery- NEW and improved! Includes a  diastasis recti/core safe workout for all postpartum women, small props and a light abdominal core wrap binder for diastasis recti, cesarean recovery or for any woman for the first 60 days - 50 years postpartum. Also included: 3 months of on demand birth recovery videos from mamalates online

Re-contain and manually draw your core up and in while you lift, wear and carry your new baby. Core support is OB/GYN recommended for reclaiming your core and helps to support postpartum healing.  Wear the core wrap against a camisole, move mindfully and perform the restorative exercises with small props to help you reclaim your core, heal your postpartum abdominal separation and offer support while lifting your new baby! Your insurance may reimburse you for birth recovery related products.


  • Essential Core Wrap Adjustable Binder
  • 9" CORE ball
  • Medium strength resistance band
  • DVD
  • NEW! Birth Recovery Guide
  • ECO Tote
  • NEW! Three months of video streaming on mamalates online
  • Legacy DVD ( 45 minute workout w/ baby!)